Airbrush Foundation

Full Face Package

Includes Lashes

Trial: $70

Wedding Day: $120

Your Squad: $75 each

It's the big day and you want to look your best all day and for years to come in the hundreds of photographs that will be taken. For Parker, it's about bringing your natural beauty alive with quality products and practices that accentuate your look without making you look unrecognizable. Have a wedding party, mother-in-law and cousin who want their makeup done too? No problem! Parker and her team can handle large groups to make everyone look and feel beautiful for your big day. 

Cream foundation has long-lasting, natural coverage catered to your unique skin tone. While not waterproof, the cream foundation is sweat resistant and buildable to allow for any necessary touchups throughout the day without taking away from the luminous quality of your natural skin. Paired with full-face makeup and lashes, the cream foundation option is great for the more budget conscious but quality-seeking bride.


From early morning photos, to late nights on the dance floor, touchups are sometime inevitable. Keep your look going the entire day for you and the whole squad and keep those worries of "did I smear my mascara?" at bay with professional onsite touchups. Need more than 4 hours of security? Contact us and let's work something out that best suits your wedding day needs.


Up to 4 hours onsite

1-5 people: $25hr

6-10 people: $50hr

Airbrush foundation provides the highest level of protection against sweat, tears, and the inevitable wear of other foundations. Temptu® airbrush foundation is both long-lasting and luminous, creating the perfect first step toward a flawless full-face of makeup, while maintaining the natural glow of real skin. With waterproof airbrush foundation, there is no worry about your makeup fading from photos to reception, and maybe even the next morning! 

Cream Foundation

Full Face Package

Includes Lashes

Trial: $60

Wedding Day: $110

Your Squad: $65 each



Our goal is to create a look that stands out in person and through the eyes of the video and camera lens. Knowing how makeup will react to different lighting and flashes is important for each type of shoot, and we're prepared to make your keepsake photos something you'll be proud of for years to come. 


High School Senior

High School Prom


Labor + Delivery Room

Family Portraits


Music Videos

Professional Headshots

Creative/Artistic Shots

Cream Foundation Full Face Package

Includes Lashes

Makeup: $80

Makeup + Hair: $100


Contact me for including touch-up pricing and hourly rates for all day shoots.


Whether attending a Con, preparing for a role in a play or movie, or anything in between, we have the skills needed to create the look you need. Not only can makeup be applied directly to the face, body, etc., we also offer custom mask and prop creation. Because of the broad range of needs in special FX projects, prices are quoted on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the request. 



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